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If you're curious why next week there are no milk jugs outside the door and the kids aren't playing in the yard, it's because the Ashday crew is headed to DrupalCon New Orleans!

This year looks pretty dang exciting now that Drupal 8 is in full swing. Gone are the days of "When it? Will it?" and here are the days of "Doin' it!". This year's con is full of great stuff if you're following the world of web. Here are some of our favorite topics.

  • Decoupling Drupal!
  • Re-coupling Drupal! ;)
  • Modern front-end techniques
  • Better UX
  • D8 Configuration Management
  • Drupal project management

This promises to be a more "nail-on-the-head" type of year and less about conjecturing now that we are comfortably able to fully proceed with Drupal 8 as the standard and stop worrying about what might be coming. At Ashday, we've now built 3 production sites on Drupal 8 in the past six months (including this one) and are totally loving it! It also gives a much better foundation for knowing what we still need to learn so we're all excited to head to the conference and come back even awesomer.

Hope to see you all in the Big Easy! And thanks for watching our pets. Remember, one scoop in the morning and two at night.

Clint Randall

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