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Here and Gone DrupalCon

Drupalcon LA

Another year, another DrupalCon, another pile of things I really really want to learn and do. Good signs of a good conference right? It's always such a treat, filled with meeting so many people working in the field, vendors providing ever-growing services, sessions on the cutting edge of web development, and free beer and ping pong. Ashday also sponsored a BOF room for the second year in a row, which was fun.

This year, there were a lot of takeaways, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Headless Drupal - No, this isn't Drupal riding around on a horse, throwing flaming pumpkins throughout the interwebs. This is the idea of separating the functional and display layers to take advantage of the latest greatest front-end tools (ex: Angular.jsEmber.js) while leaning on Drupal for the content management and higher functionality. Interesting!
  • Component Design - The world of web is evolving and age-old design processes have to evolve with it. The days of designing big pages based off of print media are gone. Welcome to the world of designing components, not pages, and having designers who can code using tools like Pattern Lab. Exciting stuff!
  • D8 is great... and late! Ok, so that's a bit unfair. It's very close (23 blocker criticals at the time of this writing) and people are starting to build production sites with it, although with a healthy level of pause. Drupal 8 looks to be a great move forward and we're on the verge of a release candidate!

There was a lot more going on with well over 3000 people in attendance, but these were some of the major themes. Next year is in New Orleans, so it's time to get started expanding our tolerance for spicy food and improve our efficiency at cracking open a crawfish without taking a hand off the keyboard. Oh, so little time...

Clint Randall

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