Available Position




  • Small team of inordinately cool people.
  • Builders of well crafted web apps and sites.


  • Inordinately cool person.
  • Unusually smart.
  • Driven, self-managing, and focused on getting things done.
  • Enjoy learning new stuff. Good at learning new stuff. Fast at learning new stuff.
  • Piercingly talented at web dev.
  • Looking for a full time, on site position in Arizona, building well crafted web apps and sites.
Skills & Requirements

We're looking for an uncommonly awesome person with a good background in web development, especially JavaScript. That could be in a variety of frameworks, but React JS experience would be ideal. Professional experience with Node, PHP or other server side languages also would be handy.

We of course spend a lot of time amidst GIT, Vagrant, SASS, and various other tangential technologies, so familiarity there will be helpful. We like Agile methodologies, and believe in very close collaboration between programmers, with lots of face time so that needs to resonate with you.

About Ashday Interactive

Ashday is a small, growing, fun web dev shop. We do contract work for a variety of interesting clients, as well as SaaS based products of our own. We usually build somewhat heavy-lifting cloud software type stuff and fairly complex sites.  We're inspired by the notion of software craftsmanship: building really solid software, the way previous generations built things with a deep sense of pride.  We're not into the modern trend toward disposable culture.

We have a cool office in bright & sunny Mesa, Arizona. Our environment is in some ways very casual, (e.g. what you wear, whether you want to put your feet on the desk, what dumb jokes you want to make in the middle a meeting) - but in other ways non-casual (e.g. how serious you take writing solid software, overall professionalism, personal hygiene.)

Finally, we're a very family focussed business - Meaning we don't want you to spend your life at work. This is not a live here, go crazy nights and weekends round the clock kind of gig.  The company exists for the sake of its people, not the other way around, so we need to always keep things in balance.   We want you to work really hard for 8 hours a day, and then go home and have fun with your family, or friends, or dog, or hamster, or whomever it is you consider fun.  

If it sounds like a fit please email your resume, salary requirements, and favorite Beatles song to jobs [AT]