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The "FailProof" Process

Yes, it sounds a little pretentious: "FailProof".  And we realize that achieving great results requires a lot more than thinking up pretentious words for our website, since industry statistics indicate that a very large number of digital projects ultimately fail. But after decades of doing this, we really do find that it's completely possible to ensure your project's success if you have the right people, tools & process. Thus we obsess about our process. And, simply put, it works.  It prevents failure.  So yeah, we pretentiously call it FailProof.  Read on to learn more.

Process graphic


Aggressive Requirements Gathering

Assess priorities, determine constraints, and read between the lines to ensure you have the whole picture.

Relentless Ideation

Question and estimate everything, then quantify risks and repeat as necessary until you have a full understanding of the project.

Atomic Preparation

Break apart the concepts and the work until the pieces are small enough to manage.


Torrential Communication

Don't assume everyone has the answers until you have had the conversation. Consistent check-ins are key to comprehension.

Constant Collaboration

Share knowledge as it comes in, combine work frequently, and touch-in as much as possible to make sure nothing gets left on the development floor.

Constructive Accountability

Through shared responsibility of the project we use peer review to find solutions rather than simply identifying problems.


Immersive Demonstration

Show the progress rather than simply talking about it and when discussing the project, make sure to teach.

Decisive Re-prioritization

Review client priorities and let go of personal plans for the project and then review your priorities again.

Devoted Implementation

Be available and own the project. It is about caring about quality and craftsmanship.

Check out the articles below to dive deeper into the various FailProof details.

(TL;DR? Try our FailProof Process Infographic instead. Framed on the wall it makes a lovely addition to any office, cubicle, or play room.)
Check out our FailProof Process Infographic

Phase 1: Planning

Starting a project off is tough enough on its own, the last thing you need is a team that doesn't care about the needs of the project. We dig in and read between the lines until everything is known. Understanding the project and the motivations behind the requirements are critical to success. Once we have a handle on what is needed, we break everything apart into easy to manage pieces so we always know where the project stands. See more on this topic in the articles below.

Phase 2: Build

Where some shops might silo off into separate worlds while the build is going on, we turn up the communication. We find that making sure the whole team is well-informed only improves productivity and efficiency. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so you know that your project will be done right the first time. The following articles go deeper into the idea that sometimes a little more talk can produce more action.

Phase 3: Deploy

Like with anything, finishing strong is key. We don't let up in the home stretch. We make sure that priorities are straight and are prepared to adjust to make sure nothing prevents the project from going out on time. The time for talk comes to a close and we make sure to show progress as we bring the project home. Read the articles below to see what it means to have a devoted team ready for launch day.

"Developing good processes is super hard, but nowhere near as hard as watching your projects fail."
Clint Randall
Lead Software Architect, Ashday

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