Move forward with a tried-and-true process

We realize that achieving great results in custom programming requires a lot more than just making bold claims. It takes hard work and focus, and it takes an effective process.

  • Brainstorm

    We meet with you to collaboratively study your situation and talk about existing opportunities and pain points. We brainstorm potential ways to use web technology to help with these, then hone in on key elements.

  • Analyze

    Next, we analyze individual aspects of the project and the ideas we’ve generated. We study pertinent data, materials, and other resources. We sift through everything to see which concepts we should pursue.

  • Plan

    Once we know what we’re doing, it’s time to plan out specifically how to do it. We choose the best tools and architectural approach, and then break the technical requirements down into documented, bite-sized chunks.

  • Create

    We then get to work hand-crafting meticulous code, rigorous algorithms and beautiful designs. We test frequently along the way to help ensure a solid product. You give us feedback, we make tweaks, then release to the world.


We work through these steps and then repeat the whole cycle as many times as needed. By keeping cycles short and frequent, and staying in steady communication with you we help avoid a lot of problems.

This sort of approach is sometimes called Agile. Of course we’re simplifying things a bit here, but we can explain it all better in person.

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