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React = Magical

While we've been building all kinds of web-based software solutions for decades now, React is something that has emerged into the marketplace much more recently and we have to say, we absolutely love it! React has given us the freedom to present things to the user with ultimate freedom to do whatever we can dream up, and it can talk to any system we need it to. That's cool.

Inter(net) Connections

These days, a website isn't just a database, some queries, and some HTML/JS/CSS. It's a giant tide pool of services and data points and functionality that can come from any number of sources and the best web solutions will unite those in ways that are engaging and useful to users. Well, React is kinda made for that because it really doesn't care where your data comes from and it can unite those disparate sources in a way that feels cohesive, which is a huge objective in presenting user interfaces. So in simple terms, React is the great uniter in a scattered world of web technologies and we are all about unity here at Ashday.

Building sites with React as a decoupled front-end is not only simply where the industry seems to be going, and is not only a solid way to unite the "internet of things", but it's also just really fun! Building object oriented front-ends with a cohesive architecture is more easily discernable, more flexible, and accumulates less technical debt than towers of serial javascript and css. It's so great, in fact, that even if we are on the fence about whether a project will gain a lot from React, we'll likely use it anyways because it also happens to be a superior architectural solution in most cases even when it doesn't need to do all it can do.

Here Are Just A Few Examples Of What React Can Bring To The Table

Leaner admin experience

Live news updates

Virtual DOM management

Contextual content tagging

Virtual content scrolling

Cutting edge javascript

Object oriented front-end

Asynchronous content retrieval

Cross-channel content serving

Where Do We Go From Here?

While React is a wonderful evolution of the way the web is built, it's still growing and expanding and we are still finding new ways to leverage it. And that's a good thing. There are new pluggable components, new versions, and new strategies about how to take advantage of this new world of decoupled yet connected systems and we're keeping our finger squarely on the pulse because that's where the future is at. So if you are interested in learning more about React and what it can do for you - or you just want to see some of what we've done - drop us a line!

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