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Our Favorite Technologies

Our Favorite Tools

We’re fond of open-source technologies. We don’t hate proprietary systems, but we believe strongly in the value of an open-source ecosystem and the superior software it tends to produce.

For us that includes a lot of JavaScript, especially React JS, and PHP development, typically using Drupal as a framework, plus lots of other ancillary stuff. 

React - ReactJS is a personal favorite of ours because we can use bleeding-edge javascript approaches, elegant DOM management, less dependance on back-end technologies when designing front-end, and insane reusability - just to name a few benefits.

Drupal - There are a lot of modern CMS choices out there, but Drupal gives us the best flexibility while being able to handle the scale and complexity of enterprise solutions.

SQL - Whether it's MySQL, MariaDB, or even SQL Server, the database technology is a crucial piece of any web application and we like to leverage whatever database solution best fits the particular need.

CSS - Modern stylesheets with CSS are becoming more powerful and dynamic by the day, especially when leveraging preprocessor tools like SASS.

jQuery - Anything good can always be done better and jQuery proves that. Why write 10 lines of javascript code when you can write 1?

CircleCI - Automated testing and task management is not just a good practice - it's a huge time and cost savings and also provides peace of mind for that next rollout.

Apache SOLR - Wouldn't it be great if you could make content recommendations based on matching the content of one article against others? Well, with Apache SOLR you can do just that, and a whole lot more.

Linux - Who needs heavy licensed server operating systems when you can accomplish what you need on a lightweight, open source OS like Linux?

PHP - It's open source, fully featured, and supported everywhere so PHP is our go to for server-side programming.

HTML - Gone are the days of simply link or paragraph tags. Today, we enjoy leveraging the much more advanced HTML5 set as well as great templating engines like TWIG to render things exactly how we want them.

Javascript - We used to live in a world where javascript on a website was optional, but not anymore. JS is critical to good user experience and a dynamic encounter with the web and it's only becoming more sophisticated.

CasperJS - Coupled with CircleCI, CasperJS allows us to know before we launch that we aren't going to run into the unexpected with the next deployment and that's a wonderful feeling.

Nginx - Web servers today need to be fast and lightweight and Nginx does the job quite well.

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Timing is Everything

Ashday’s focus on these best of breed technologies allows us to create exceptionally powerful websites and web apps in a fraction of the time that other approaches require.

That means you get the site you need in a timeframe and at a price that actually works.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to chat more about how we might be able to utilize these technologies for something that your organization needs to get done, please let us know.

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