Which CMS should I use?

Does the site have particular design or layout requirements?
Some companies have strict branding requirements that might dictate coloring, design, or layout for the website. Other examples would be when there is already an existing design or mockup in mind that you want to follow closely.
Will the site be maintained in-house after launch?
Even after it is done, a website may need to have new features added, bugs fixed, or security updates applied, which could be handled either in-house (by you or by an internal developer team) or by a consulting company.
Will most of the site's editors be tech savvy?
The editors are generally the people who will be in the site on a day-to-day basis creating and editing content and basic page structure. Tech savvy refers to their skill at computer and software operation in general.
Does the site need different types of editors to manage content?
Many sites have a main site administrator and general content editors, but some also need more specialized types of users such as moderators or guest writers.
Will visitors interact with the site beyond simply viewing its content?
Interaction can include things such as writing reviews, registering for events, or sending messages to other users.
Does the site have complex e-commerce needs?
Complex e-commerce needs can include changing product lines, multiple payment solutions, complex checkout workflow, etc.
Do you need to connect to third party services?
These include Google Maps, Amazon S3, Facebook, and others.
Will visitors to the site need to log in?
Vistors other than administrators and editors of the site.
Will the site have a large amount of dynamic content?
Regularly updated content, blogs, reporting pages, etc.
Are your requirements flexible?
For instance, if there is an existing solution that is close to meeting your needs would you consider using that rather than building a custom solution?
Are you unsure of which platform to choose?
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